Festival Highlights:

Weekend Workshops on Screenwriting

at the Ojai Public Library

from 1-4pm

111 E Ojai Avenue

(805) 646-1639

Since it’s inception in 2011, Wordfest– set in one of the most beautiful settings in California (the majestic Ojai Valley) –  has facilitated more than 300 “word” events.

“It’s all about the writer! Wordfest is to words what Sundance is to film.”

Our Mission

To introduce Ojai to the world as a literary destination; To nurture aspiring screenwriters as well as inspire seasoned ones to further develop their craft; and To celebrate the wealth of talent in the Ojai area.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who loves writing—or anything with words!

What Are the Costs?

Since 2017, Wordfest has been held at The Ojai Library and is entirely FREE. (Some events outside the library may have an associated cost.)



Celebrated author Maya Angelou may have said it best: “The greatest agony is an untold story inside you.” Is there a story you want to tell that is begging to get out?

Ojai WordFest is made possible by the generous support of numerous Ojai community businesses, organizations and individuals. | Special thanks to Ojai WordFest founders: Bret Bradigan, Roberta Raye and Mary Sequoia Hamilton.