Sequoia Hamilton
Director, Ojai Wordfest


Ojai’s Literary Festival – WordFest – Returns November 11&12 

A festival of words happens again in the Fall, in one of the most beautiful settings in California: the majestic Ojai Valley. The 7th annual literary festival, WordFest, encourages readers and writers of all genres, skill level, and ages to partake in an extravaganza of events offered over two days, Saturday November 11 and Sunday November 12.

For a full list of events and writing workshops offered during the weekend literary festival, call (805) 766-7222 or visit ojaiwordfest.com

Former Press Releases:
  • Ojai WordFest’s Apex Event: Weekend LIT CRAWL
  • Ojai WordFest’s Marquee Events
  • Ojai WordFest Announces Headliners: Syd Field’s Legendary “Writing Workshop” and Special Screening of Edward Scissorhands
  • Ojai WordFest To Honor Local Literary Legends during Literary Festival
  • Critically-acclaimed Writing Workshops offered during Ojai WordFest  Area writers—beginners & advanced—are invited to join a host of internationally distinguished writing experts during Ojai WordFest. Dubbed the “WriteFest of WordFest,” writers can immerse themselves in their craft by day and enjoy numerous literary festivities in the evenings. (805) 669-7373 www.OjaiWordFest.com
  • LIT CRAWL Returns to Ojai WordFest – Ojai WordFest crescendos with its signature event, the weekend downtown Lit Crawl. This two-day carnival of words, winding through and around Ojai’s historic arcade, showcases Lit-loving authors, performers, musicians, poets, and artists. Grab a map and stroll downtown to sample the delights. Most events are FREE.
  • Festival of Words – A festival of words, ideas and stories unfolds this Spring in one of the most beautiful settings in California: the majestic Ojai Valley. The  literary nexus encourages readers and writers of all genres, skill level, and ages to partake in an extravaganza of  100+ events over eight days. (805) 669-7373 http://www.ojaiwordfest.com
  • Ojai WordFest – Ojai WordFest is a nexus of 100+ literary events in Ojai. Highlights of the literary festival include a downtown LIT CRAWL along Ojai’s historic arcade, an afternoon Tea with a local literary legend, and Well Red, a gathering of area authors showcasing their new works. In addition, a host of reading and writing events will include writing workshops, poetry jams, open mic venues, readings at Ojai Library, a Scrabble night and much more. (805) 669-7373 www.OjaiWordFest.com


First Time in Ojai’s History …

“It’s the first time in Ojai’s history that a group of locals had the courage to prepare a festival (like this)!  This is of great significance and importance for a small town like Ojai …We would like to thank and congratulate the founders of “Wordfest” for their vision, courage, expertise and enthusiasm.” – Ulrich Brugger, The Ojai Retreat

 Outstanding Line-up of Writers Workshops …

“I want to congratulate you on creating such an outstanding line-up of writer’s workshops led by tried and true professionals. I’m very impressed by how much material we covered in such a short time. The two classes I attended could have been taught over the length of a semester.  I came home with a mountain of inspiration and my head swimming with fresh ideas and practical techniques – truly amazing!” – Suzy Bennitt, Monrovia, CA

A Treasure Trove …

“WordFest was a treasure trove! I felt like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole. This is something I want to attend over and over again!” – Anita H., Ojai, CA

Nothing Like It …

There has never been anything like this in Ojai … the town was buzzing. There have been festivals here and there that appeal to a certain type or group of people but WordFest included everyone — those interested in Improv, songwriting, poetry, graphic novels, spoken word, screenwriting … you name it. It was a feast and a gathering of lovers of words. There was something for everybody!” – Ron F. , Ojai, CA



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